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In Lavandou, district of Saint-Clair can be proud to have accommodated two important figures of this pictorial movement created by Seurat Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) This photographer fascinated by cinema. Collector of thousand photos, he frequents artists of its time and realizes the official portrait of the French Republic Pdt
Corso Lavandou, Bormes or Cavalaire in the Var is the start of the season. It's the greatest festival of the sun and flowers you go Lalan network promotes cultural exchange and promotion of art in all its forms. It is chaired by Raphael Dupouy, successor to Marcel Van Thienen
The description of arms is made in technical language heraldry. The coat of arms is the action which is to describe arms. The science is very ancient coat of arms Fondation Virginio Tedeschi. Born in Turin he makes daily shots, place a memory and spontaneous poetry in the world. Its black and white Polaroid are now the artistic heritage of the Foundation, exhibition in ECC
Christmas traditions in Provence. Celebration, Christmas tree, nativity scene and Christmas cake. La Pastorale was originally of saynettes played at Mass in Christmas approaches Historically, cities of Var welcomes personalities of fashion, media or music, painters, singers, poets and sculptors
Halloween au Lavandou Halloween Fall Festival at the end of October with the decoration of pumpkins and children's parades in the villages of Var. The legend of this feast ancestry Music, theater, street arts, music festivals ... Varhelp artists and lets you discover new talents of the Var coast who find their inspiration here in the variations of the sea and waves
Henri Edmond Cross Henri-Edmond Cross painted Lavandou, to capture the sparkles of the sea and the reflection of the sun. In St. Clair, he received his friends Theo Van Rysselberghe, Manguin or Signac ... Ernest Reyer Destiny of the composer Louis Étienne Ernest Rey - nickname Ernest Reyer - born in Marseille on 1 December 1823, died on January 15, 1909 Lavandou
Alain Suby Alain Suby, painter, printmaker, sculptor, a graduate of Fine Arts and the University of Berkeley, resident of the Academy of France at the Villa Medicis, lives in the town Lavandou Centenaire du Lavandou 1913-2013 - Le Lavandou centennial commemoration. Resort since 1890 with the arrival of the Society of the Southern Railways in France (SF)
Henri Salvador "Rendez-vous au Lavandou" by Henri Salvador. (A.Pascal - P.Mauriat) accompanied by Michel Magne and his music tachiste Robert Doisneau The city of Lavandou exposed the photographs of Robert Doisneau with. The exhibition entitled "Summer vacation" which includes unpublished photos of August 1959

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