Coats of arms in the Var

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Coat of arms of Hyères-les-Palmiers

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Azure background with an open and openwork silver tower made of sand, castellated with four rooms, topped by three castellated turrets each with four rooms, accompanied by 3 bezants in a 2 and 1 formation at the tip
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Coat of arms of La Londe-les-Maures

Visitez  la Londe-les-MauresShield: Gules background with a gold crescent to the left of a gold star and an azure chief bearing three silver crosses

Nobody knows exactly when it was designed. However, we do know that it was designed during the leadership of Albert Roux, the second mayor of La Londe between 1904 and 1912..

The shield bears a crescent moon and star. The crescent moon and star are topped by three crosses, symbols of Christianity, which can be explained by a La Londe legend. When he returned from his 7th crusade, Saint Louis landed in Hyères and three of his knights went to rest and recuperate in a hospital in Les Bormettes. Once they got their strength back, each of them gave the hospital workers a cross taken off their badge in recognition of them. .further information

Coat of arms of Le Lavandou

Visitez le LavandouLe Lavandou’s shield was designed in 1950 by the Mayor Marius Dorie whose colleagues agreed to it when he said this: "to show that Le Lavandou is a hamlet that’s separate to Bormes, to the left I’ve put Bormes’ shield with the rampant and armed lion with genitalia on a gules background and, to the right, three silver dolphins on an azure background to highlight our town’s maritime vocation. Perhaps one day I’ll find an adequate motto."
The first half has a gold langued* lion with genitalia on a gules background wearing a gold crown and accompanied by a wavy line in azure on the chief and tip; the second half has three gold dolphins in pale. The coat of arms is stamped with a mural crown in gules and gold built out of sand. The coat of arms is edged by a plain olive branch to the right and an oak branch.

The Cross of War hangs off the shield. A scroll with the name of the town appears beneath

*Langued in heraldry means any quadruped, especially lions and leopards, whose tongue is made of specific enamel. Any male animal bearing genitalia has its member made of specific enamel too

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Coat of arms of Le Rayol-Canadel

Blason Rayol CanadelShield: 1) Azure forms the background reminiscent of the sea and sky that are always blue on our coast, both merge together on the horizon. 2) The sun in its radiant glory highlights the resort’s subtropical aspect. 3) The lateen sailboat is taken from the “African commandos” shield and shows that Le Rayol-Canadel had the honour of being the first shred of Provencal land to be freed by the African commandos on August 15th 1944. 4) The “cousu” chief (green strip at the top of the shield) underlines the importance and quality of our forests along the coastline. 5) The grace and energy of the three squirrels symbolise the three towns in the area: Le Rayol, Le Canadel, Pramousquier. The mural crown on top of the shield bears testament to the town and is a reminder of the La Môle barony which Le Rayol-Canadel came from, on August 30th 1949, by prefectural decree making the coastal area of La Môle a separate town (it is in gold and built out of sand). 7) The shield’s frame: on the right, a pine branch with sinople (green) needles and sable (black) pine cones reminiscent of the forest around the town; on the left, a mimosa branch with sinople leaves and gold flowers highlighting the acclimatised subtropical flora here. 8) The motto is BENE ACCIPERE AD REVERTENDUM SEMPER meaning “Warm welcome to always be remembered”. The shield was listed with the French Armorial on March 31st 1956
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Coat of arms of Cavalaire-sur-Mer

The Roman boat represents the ancient origins of the town when the Ligurians moved here in 800BC and founded a Greek colony called Héracléa Cacabaria.:

A gules background with a radiant and flamboyant gold sun in the left corner of the chief, a gold Roman boat sailing on azure waves with a gold partridge in the right corner of the chief

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Other notable coats of arms in the Var

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