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With the beginning of the XXe century, the neo-impressionism deeply the evolution of painting marked but recognition of its role in the creation of the modern art is relatively recent. In Lavandou, the district of Saint-Clair can be proud to have accommodated two important figures of this pictorial movement created by Seurat: Henri-Edmond Cross and Théo Van Rysselberghe. Both indeed chose to work and pass theirs last winters not far from this beautiful beach. In France, the technique of the division of the colour (divisionism or chromo-luminarism), declined starting from the theories of Chevreul, Rood and Henry, is adopted by George Seurat, Paul Signac, Lucien Pissarro, Maximilien Luce, Henri-Edmond Cross, Maurice Denis, Hippolyte Petitjean, Albert Dubois-Pillet, Lucie Cousturier and Charles Angrand; Le Lavandou. Franceto quote only the principal ones. And so some criticize qualify them pointillists - nickname against which they will protest in vain - it is under the term of neo-impressionists that the history of art will recognize them.. In this period hinge, between two centuries, much of between-them will go then on the littoral lavandourain for a working session or a friendly visit near Cross or Van Rysselberghe. Many men of letters also will not fail to make a halt with Saint-Clair.This "Way of the painters" makes it possible to go in the steps of the artists who remained in the district while following a course evoking the presence between 1892 and 1926 several important figures of the history of the neo-impressionism (Théo Van Theo van Rysselsberghe La PromenadeRysselberghe and Henri-Edmond Cross, both buried with the cemetery of Lavandou, but also Paul Signac, Maurice Denis, Maximilien Luce and others) and writers such as Andre Gide and Emile Verhaeren. The reproductions of their fabrics carried out in Lavandou are presented on desks throughout this course of 2,5 km furrowing the district and which it is possible to carry out quietly in 1 hour of walk (1h30 if the halts are commented on by a guide-guide) by borrowing ways from the evocative names: the avenue Van Rysselberghe, the avenue Andre-Gide, the way of the Naïads, the street of Dryades, the boulevard of the Whale (walk along Saint-Clair beach), Pins Penchés Place... Download circuit

Chemin des Peintres au Lavandou. France
Chemin des Peintres au Lavandou. France
Chemin des Peintres au Lavandou. France

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