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Lavandou architectural heritage
"Chateau Faraghi" - "Villa Louise" - Octave Van Rysselberghe

Lavandou Castle

In Le Lavandou on Quai Gabriel Péri, stands an imposing building, known as "Le Château". Constructed on the beach a few metres away from the old jetty, it was finished in 1881 after forty years of effort.
Its then owner, Lord Honnoraty, a prosperous herbalist from Toulon (to whom we owe the introduction of the persimmon - Sharon fruit - to France) often used to take a boat from Le Lavandou over to Port-Cros to look for medicinal plants. A great traveller, he took his inspiration from an architectural style inherited from the shores of Lake Garda, which stands out in strong contrast to our Provencal buildings. The stone comes from Tourris, and some of the walls measure no less than 80 cm in thickness.
A terrace was to complete the building in 1930. At the beginning of the century, "Le Château" became a family boarding house, before becoming "Villa Louise" and housing nuns during the 1940 war.
Since, the roads and the port took it further away from the sea. Symbol of the Lavandou that we find on all the old postcards, the Château becomes in 2007 " La Maison du Lavandou" giving shelter to different municipal services.

Lavandou. Vintage postcard Lavandou. Vintage postcard

The "Château Faraghi" is classified in the inventory of the cultural heritage since 1996. Built in 1937 by the architect Maurice Chatelan, it was first known as the Chateau Faraghi au Lavandou“Villa Aigo Lindo". The castle is built in the Lavandou on the edge of the Cap Negre cliff , and proudly overlooks the sea. It is here that the African commandos landed on the night of August 15th 1944 to free the Provence. The "Château Faraghi", named after a rich Italian industrialist who ordered its construction before World War II, is a two floor aristocratic house with a dozen rooms and a swimming-pool. Its roof is made of red tiles, it has a U shape with two circular towers on each side, and the picture windows offers a spectacular view of the Mediterranean sea. There are 183 steps going down the cliff to the sea, surrounded by eucalyptus, cork oaks, ficus, palm trees and witch hazels, meeting a coastal path that runs 80 km along the coast. Since 1970 the "Château Faraghi" is owned by the family Bruni Tedeschi and is the summer residence of the French President
Villas by Octave Van Rysselberghe
Architect Octave Van Rysselberghe (1855-1929) built several villas in Le Lavandou which have been recognised as "20th century heritage".
.H-E Cross’ art studio, 15 avenue Van Rysselberghe. This house was built between 1905 and 1910 for the painter Henri-Edmond Cross (1856-1910) who made it his studio. Renovated and renamed since 2017, "Villa Théo" has become the center of Art of Le Lavandou.
.Villa Lou Paradou, 17 avenue Van Rysselberghe. The architect built the villa for his family in 1906.
.Villa Le Dindouletto, 19 avenue Van Rysselberghe. The house was built in 1906 for his painter brother Théo Van Rysselberghe. It has been owned by Le Lavandou Council since 2007.
- Villa Le Pin - 21 avenue Van Rysselberghe.
Renowned architects early twentieth century
.Louis Bonnier - Villa « Le Rousset », 19, avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt
.Georges Bourgeois dit Djo-Bourgeois
.Henri et Jean Prouvé - Villa Dollander-Roosevel
t, 30 Bd de la Baleine (Saint Clair)
.Alfred Henry - Villa Jasimoun, 9 av. du Colonel Rigaud
.Robert Delrue - Villa 16 av. du Cap Nègre
.Jean Aubert - Villa Altaïr, chemin François-Daniel
.Maurice Blanc - Villa Les Alizés, 4 boulevard des Dryades - Saint-Clair Plage
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