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Mayors of Le Lavandou
1909- Le Lavandou 1954. Le Lavandou
1909 - Central Le Lavandou
1960 – View from the port
The people of Le Lavandou demanded their independence from Bormes-les-Mimosas in 1907. After 4 years of sometimes difficult discussion, the State Council finally passed a law making Le Lavandou a town and the French President, Raymond Poincaré, signed the decree on May 25th 1913. Since then, several mayors have run the 2965 ha area. Le Lavandou has expanded from a hamlet with 974 fishermen to a sea resort with a population of 6047 which was home to the former French President’s summer residence in Cap Nègre. Le Lavandou has been part of the Mediterranean-Porte des Maures Interregional Council since 2013.
Mayors of Lavandou since 1913
1913-1920 Doctor Paul Reynaud
1920-1925 Hotelier Célestin Carrere
1925-1926 Diplomat Maurice Rivaud
1926-1929 Hotelier Germain Fabre
1929-1938 Doctor Paul Daydé
1938-1944 Treasurer Albert Bluzet
1944-1944 Tax inspector Ulysse Richard
1944-1945 Accountant Armand Bertora
1945-1955 Pharmacist Marius Dorie
1955-1959 Doctor Paul Daydé
1959-1971 Pharmacist Marius Dorie
1971-1975 Doctor Marc Legouhy
1975-1976 Teacher Georges Blanchard
1976-1977 Doctor Paul-Emile Duroux
1977-1995 Entrepreneur Louis Faedda
1995-2026 Writer Gil Bernardi
1913-2013 LavandouBecause of their skills and disinterest, many of La Lavandou’s mayors were given departmental or regional mandates as the role (unpaid) was voluntary and only for candidates free from want. Most of them were educated humanists who worked for the common good, without recognition, and very few of them were born in La Lavandou. Over the course of the mandates, the topography of the locations changed massively, especially in terms of accommodation which went from luxury villas to collective housing; from the public arena to private occupation of the coastline and the development of Le Lavandou port. Mass tourism opened the doors to developers signed off by magistrates who were constantly in search of new revenue streams.
Lettres du Japon. Marius Dorie
Marius Dorie was born in 1887 and died in Le Lavandou in 1982. He was an activist in the French Section of the Workers’ International, twice elected Mayor of Le Lavandou (1945-1955 and 1959-1971), General Councillor of the Var, member of the Rotary, epicurean, humanist and extensive traveller to whom we owe Le Lavandou’s coat of arms. He wrote several books including "Lettres du Japon - Voyage aux Indes" which was published in 1964 and one of the last copies was sold at auction in 2010 in Paris.
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