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While Saint Clair, the patron saint of the seamstresses, recounts the dubbing of the Prior with an offering to the Hermit, and a sermon to the White Penitents in the Provencal language, in June we have the celebration of Saint Pierre, the Patron Pecheurs traditionnels. Le Lavandou. FranceSaint of seafarers. In earlier times, the people did not put out to sea for 3 days around the Feast of Saint Pierre, and took advantage of this to paint their boats, dye their nets, ...and to play boules.
In Lavandou, the ceremony begins with a long procession from Lavandou Saint-Louis, through the alleys of the old village, the prud'homie Lavandou, to arrive at the port to the rhythm of the salvos of the guns of the Bravadeurs of Vidauban, the tambourine players, and the folk dancers, the Prud'hommes, dressed in the traditional striped jerseys with a red sash around the waist, carry the statue of Saint Pierre right down to the waterfront. The ceremony then continues with an outing on the sea, for the blessing of the waves, and to hurl sprays of flowers into the crystalline waters of the roadstead.

Program 06-2024 at the port du Lavandou: procession, boat blessing, aperitif, meal (paid), show...

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1917-Filets pêche
The lateen sail, is the oldest of all the aurique sails in the world. Some Byzantine manuscripts of the IX century have very precise representations and the lateen sail looks likevoile latine the ones we have known to this day. It is the sail of the italians, the Provencals, the Spanish, the Portuguese. This triangular or quadrangular sail works equally by getting the wind either on starboard or port side. It is a very common sails in the Mediterranean, which easily explains its name. The pescadous used this easy propulsion system to travel all over the Mediterranean and conquer new territories, first fishing and then trading post ones. Traditionally, the Italians were the ingineers in the construction of these fleets. The lateen sail has had a very important role in the sail technical history. It is the origin to all the modern axial sails: sloops, cutters, and even windsurfing board.
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