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Hiking from Lavandou to Saint Raphaël
.Le Lavandou Nouveau-Port >>> La Fossette Beach (45 mins. - 2 km).
Aiguebelle Beach to Jean Blanc Beach (30 mins - 1 km). Route among the rocks on the public maritime space. Urban walk from sand beach of Saint-Clair, and through a rocky aera to La Fossette
.Le Lavandou >>> Pointe du Layet
. Specially designed path. Path through the departemental pine forest open to the public
.La Croix Valmer >>> Ramatuelle

From Cavalaire Beach to Cap Camarat. (5 hrs. 45 mins. - 18 km). A large part of this route is an area protected for its Mediterrane animal and plant life. Cap Lardier offers an uninterrupted succession of sheer cliffs with a wide-ranging over Briande Bay and the curious Cap Taillat
.Ramatuelle >>> Saint-Raphaël

From Cap Camarat to Saint Tropez (6 hrs. - 20.2 km).
Coastal section leading toPampelonne beach with its kilometres of fine, shimmering sand. Cap Saint Tropez or Pointe du Rabiou are viewpoints over promontory are view-points over the foothills of the Maures Mountains and the fantastic contours of the red coloured Esterel
.Gassin >>> Saint-Tropez
From Gassin / Bouillabaisse Beach / Marines de Cogolin (30 mins - 2 km).
Passage over the rocks connecting a few small sandy beaches and the Gulf of St.Tropez

From Pointe des Sardinaux / La Nartelle Beach (15 mins- 600 metres).
Passage over the rocks connecting a few small sandy beaches and the large Nartelle Beach
.Roquebrune-sur-Argens >>> Fréjus

From Pointe de L'Arpillon Point / Port of Saint Aygulf (3:10 hrs - 11.6 km). A range of colours from sea blue to the red shades of Cape Dramont and Cape Roux. Visit the many cliffs in the shallow waters with evocative names such as Tête Noire (Black Head) or Corailleur (Coral Fisher)

From Port Santa Lucia / Agay via Cap Dramont . (3 hours - 11 km). Route through an urban site, alternating rocks and sand. Footpaths connecting coves and beaches over the massif, at the top of the cliff. View over Landing Beach of 15 August 1944 and the purple islands on the turquoise sea.
Hikes from Lavandou to Bandol
.Le Lavandou >>> Bormes-les-Mimosas
La Favière / New Port of Le Lavandou (45 mins - 2 km). Walk along the beach

From Les Fouirades / La Favière Beach (currently the only strech open to the public)
Access is forbidden to vehicles other than those belonging to the residents of the Cap Bénat private estate, this route departs from the car park in La Favière. 2 options :
- la Favière : Les Fouirades . (3 hours 30 mins - 9 km. allée PR Littoral jaune - sur ses pas).
The footpath is located at the foot of Bormes-les-Mimosas, near Fort de Brégançon (Presidential Residence). Admirable viewpoint over the Hyères Harbour and the Iles d'Or.
- La Favière / Le Cap Bénat / La Favière
(6 hours - 13 km - communal loop trail - Yellow PR Littoral Cap Bénat then Macarons No.11).
Superb panoramic view over the coast and the Maures Mountains Hyères > La Londe
Les Salins / Argentière Beach (2 hours. - 7.3 km). Walk along upper reaches of the beach and the port of La Londe les Maures.

Tour of the Giens peninsula (5 hours - 17.2 km).
Itinerary from Madrague port to Badine Beach. Giens peninsula is the strangest feature on the Var coast. Giens is connected to land by a unique geological phenomenon in France, called "tombolo double" a refuge for many birds (1500 pink flamingos can be seen there in the middle of September)
>>> Le Pradet
Le Pin de Galle / Sablettes port. (3 hours 45 mins - 12.1 km).
Rocky cliffs follow the beaches of the Pin de Galle, Monaco, Bonnettes, La Garonne, Oursinières. The footpath, sometimes winding through the forest and on the side of the hill, offers beautiful views over Toulon harbour and the peninsula of Saint Mandrier. To see: Baou Rouge copper mine, Pas des Gardéens (picnic area), the forts of Gavaresse, Colle Noire, and Bayarde. Viewpoint over the harbour and the Mountains of Toulon

Beaches of Mourillon / Méjean Cove (1 hour - 3.5 km). This footpath is very well-known: built on the cliff, its offers one of the most beautiful views over Toulon Harbour (urban path)
.Saint-Mandrier >>> La Seyne-sur-Mer

Port Saint Elme / Cavalas Beach (duration 1:20 hours- 4,8 Km). From the footpath through the communal forest, a clear view over Cape Sicié and Notre Dame du May
.La Seyne-sur-Mer >>> Six-Fours-les-Plages
Bonnegrâce Beach / Sablette beach - Mar Vivo . (7:10 hours. - 20.5 km). This footpath may be separated into two distinct parts:
- the first from Bonnegrâce Beach to Petit Gaou, is flat, with low-growing plants; it offers the opportunity to visit the smal Port of the Brusc
- the second, between Haute Lèque and Fabrégas, called the Corniche Merveilleuse. The footpath offers the chance to scale this massif, which rises to an altitude of 360 metres

PortIssol Beach / Port (30 mins- 1.1 Km). This walk connecting PortIssol Beach with the picturesque fishing port offers, because of this route through the rocks, a great range of colours from sea blue to the purple rocks. The footpath may be followed in both direction; a loop may followed along the Chemin de la Colline. To see: Chemin de la Colline, the Chapel of Pitié and its many ex-voto
Sanary-sur-Mer >>> Bandol
Lido beach / Pointe de La Cride . (1:15 hours - 4 km).
The cliff route in Cousse Bay offers a succession of views over Embiez, and Rouveau Islands to the South and Bendor Island to the North-West
.Bandol >>> Saint-Cyr

Port de la Madrague / Renécros Cove . (3: 20 hours - 11 km).
Itinerary over the wild ridges: Grenier and Fauconnière. Offers the opportunity to discover the site of Here you can discover the site of Port d'Alon and its very beautiful cliffs

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