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Natural border separating Provence from the Alps, Gorges du Verdonthe Verdon Gorges are one of the most extraordinary geological curiosities in Europe. A 21 km trench hollowed out of the limestone plateau of the Haut Var by the limpid waters of the Verdon, the Gorges offer a magical universe a paradise for walkers. From Le Lavandou, the car excursion to the edge of the Var, will take a day. Do not hesitate to try the adventure. At the end of the journey, the landscape, which will take your breath away will be your ultimate reward. Crafts and Arts of the Haut-Var and the Verdon Verdon Regional Nature Park. Verdon Regional Nature Park
VerdonVerdon dans le Var. France Château de Bergame. Var France
Verdon dans le Var. France
  • Carcès 11th century Chapel, Fountains, wash houses, crafts, Lake, paradise for fishermen
  • Cotignac 12th century Monastery.
  • Salernes Old fortified town in the Haut-Var which has followed the tradition of ceramics .
  • Aups Remains from 12th and 16th centuries. Clock tower, campanile. Gothic Collegiate, sundials, fountains
  • Aiguines At an altitude of 820m overlooking the Ste-Croix Lake. Glazed and multicoloured Tourelles castle. Woodturning Museum.
  • Moustiers Sainte Marie 5th Village, ceramic capital

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