Key figures about Le Lavandou in the Var
Blason du Lavandou. France
Administrative information

picPostcode: 83980 – INSEE code: 83070. Le Lavandou Town Hall SIREN number: 218 300 705
picLatitude : N 43°39'54" - Longitude : E 7°4'43"
picSurface area: 3005 ha or 29.65km². Average altitude: 243m. Altitude in town centre: 8m

picThe Var department – 4th district. Canton: Collobrières (Bormes-les-Mimosas, Collobrières, Le Lavandou). Inter-municipal links with Méditerranée Porte des Maures since 2013 (La Londe, Bormes, Collobrières, Cuers, Le Lavandou, Pierrefeu du Var)
picRégion : Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur (the Var Côte d'Azur). Europe: France – Southern Europe

picDialling code: 04 (please dial +33-4... from abroad)
picGeographic location

Economy & Sociology

picPopulation in 2015: 5356 – Population density: 191/km²
picActive population: 2130 – Average annual income 15,690 € – Unemployment rate 19.90% - Retired 34.1% - Men: 47.7% - Women: 52.3% social data
picAnnual budget: 21 M€ pool accounts
picLocal tax guide comparing towns
picLe Lavandou tourist tax
picProperty. Second homes: 6,900 – Average price 4248 € to 5.257 €/m² - Number of owners 48%
picTown covering 12km of coves and sandy beaches in a protected setting. Neighbouring towns: Bormes 2km west and Le Rayol-Canadel 8km east

The Môle River runs through the town and its neighbourhoods known as "écarts"
Le Lavandou neighbourhood map

Natural risk management

picRisk database provided by INSEE
picLandslide risk mapping provided by BRGM
picState activities in the Var information from buyers
picRisk mapping of the Var coast risk mapping in the Var
picAir quality on the Var coast air mapping

picNuisance odours on the Var coast odour mapping
picLe Lavandou bathing water bathing water mapping

picOzone pollution in the Var emergency measures

Le Lavandou elections

Electoral roll: 5049
pic2015 Regional elections
pic2014 Municipal elections
pic2014 European elections
pic2012 Legislative elections
pic2012 Presidential elections

History of Le Lavandou

100 ans du LavandouLe Lavandou was part of Bormes until 1913. The hamlet was founded by Italian migrants, fishermen and peasants from Piedmont in 1730. “Lauvandoun” was mentioned in 1700, a deformation of “Lavadou” synonymous with “lavoir” (washhouse) or “lavandula stoecha” (flower naturally occurring in Provence). The Greeks established the town of Alconis near Lavandou in Cavalière Bay.
1376, Saint Catherine of Siena set sail from Le Lavandou.
1481, Saint Francis of Paola from Calabria landed here; Le Lavandou’s fishermen carried the statue of the saint during processions in Bormes. It was sacked and burned down several times by the Duke of Bourbon’s troops in 1524, Moorish sailors in 1529 and Charles V’s fleet a decade later.
1765, Catalan sailors arrived.
1794, Bonaparte visited to inspect the military batteries on-site.
1909, composer Ernest Reyer was buried here. He helped Le Lavandou become famous.

1913, Bormes-les-Mimosas and Le Lavandou were split into two separate towns.
1973, Twin Town with Kronberg im Taunus (Germany)
2013 centenary of the town of Le Lavandou
picOfficial “floral village” (4 flowers) and distinction for the quality of its bathing waters (Pavillon Bleu).
picLearn the history of Le Lavandou and Le Lavandou’s mayors

C.G.I. Billon

Agnes Malecki
Camp du Domaine

La Meridienne

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