Cap Negre in Lavandou

Cap Negre. Lavandou
Le Cap Negre, is the residence of the former President of France. Belonging to the Bruni-Tedeschi family since 1970, the solid building surmounted by two towers is built on a rocky outcrop in the heart of pine forest, with a panoramic view over the Mediterranean. Formerly known as Château Faraghi (before the Second World War) it is difficult to access by sea, offers a swimming pool and about ten rooms. The estate protected by a heavy electric gate, is accessible from Avenue du Cap Nègre, 7 km from the town centre in Le Lavandou. It was from this small cove that on 15 August , 1944, the African Commandos scaled this cliff to liberate Provence.

Lavandou beaches

Plage de l'Anglade. Lavandou Grande plage du Lavandou Plage de Saint-Clair. Lavandou Plage de la Fossette. Lavandou Plage d'Aiguebelle. Lavandou Jean Blanc
Grande Plage
La Fossette
Jean Blanc
Plage du Layet. Lavandou Plage de Cavalière. Lavandou Cap Negre. Lavandou Plage de Pramousquier. Lavandou
Le Layet
Cap Nègre

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Camp du Domaine

Carte littoral varois Anglade Lavandou Centre Saint Clair La Fossette Cap Negre Aiguebelle Cavaliere Le Layet Pramousquier


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