Saint Clair beach in Lavandou

Plage Saint-Clair. Lavandou
FIRST AID +33(0) Lost-and-found office +33(0) A jewel nestling at the foot of the pine forests, Saint-Clair Beach in Le Lavandou enjoys a special climate which makes it a unique beach. Smaller than its neighbour, Grande Plage, it is a well-kept secret. Well exposed, it is drenched in sunlight from dawn for the great joy of all those who love nature. Beach with Wheelchair Access. Dogs are not allowed.

Lavandou beaches

Plage de l'Anglade. Lavandou Grande plage du Lavandou Plage de Saint-Clair. Lavandou Plage de la Fossette. Lavandou Plage d'Aiguebelle. Lavandou Jean Blanc
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La Fossette
Jean Blanc
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Carte littoral varois Anglade Lavandou Centre Saint Clair La Fossette Cap Negre Aiguebelle Cavaliere Le Layet Pramousquier


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